I’m not a logician. I’m a human using standard rhetoric to convince that something is reasonable. Is it faulty? Are we in the realm are “abstract mathematical objects” real?

 I’m not a logician. I’m a human using standard rhetoric to convince that something is reasonable.
Is it faulty? Are we in the realm are “abstract mathematical objects” real?
and, no – arguments by analogy are not faulty.
False analogies are possible but arguing by analogy is standard and is in fact the basis of a lot of what and how logic works.
well, I’ve been on a quest to reconcile the real and irreal.
I look at a library and I see all fiction books, even in the non-fiction books.
Yet, there’s an argument to be made that it is the truths within the fictions that give us the “scent of truth” that we biologically respond to, making it at least biologically real in some sense or at least with some measure.
 or money? I’d like 10g or 11g. I love English’s built-in ambiguity where clear communication hinges about understanding the changing domains in which the various ontologies/glossaries/lexicons come from in order to properly frame (as if it’s a portrait) the context (as if it’s with the text – it’s not) the constructs which are, actually, subvocalized muscle movements of the larynx coded in .. ascii, unicode, i don’t know what we’re using now
well, I treat everybody I write to on the internet as a variation of self and respond accordingly. Been doing that for… 32.. years now? I don’t know how long I’ve been here online.
There was a… before. But it was different.
 Yes because my sense of integrity of “self” was always fluid and shaky.
So I learned young that having a time/date stamp on papers and pictures and then computer files and stuff helped me establish a “self” that actually DID provably intersect with this spacetime stream.
I still don’t feel real. People who say “pain makes it real”, no. Pain just hurts. So I find ways to stay integral.
  and caring isn’t really necessary i don’t think. Caring is overrating. I engage because I do. Until I stop and do something else.
 It’s sort of like “love letters to my future self”.
I’m always throwing notes into the future, like that sound file. I knew “future me” would be interested in it and it was and is.
Or here: I registered several fictitious names back in 2013. Cost money but was worth it for the poetry.
I became SOMEBODY owned by NOBODY
(until 2018 anyway then SOMEBODY and NOBODY expired).
Maybe you’ll get some beer. I enjoy the transient nature of these conversations. They’ll come and they’ll go again. We may never encounter each other again or will. Who knows.
It’s all fictions. Tiktok is not real. You are correct.
If this was a boat crossing the river styx and I was the only other one there other than the grim reaper, I wouldn’t be surprised if you leapt in. But then I’d start talking to the grim reaper and end up having to move the damn craft myself.
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 Once upon a time I studied a little about the nature of vagueness and one thing stood out that helped me:
Vague is a range.
There may never even BE a definitive certainty available for absolute clear communication; it is more of a vague dream; noise is everpresent in the most digital of systems (binary is a technical illusion – just ask any overheating logic chip stuck in a run condition)
Yet, it’s what we got. And vague is a range – you can go towards and away from more or less vague and hopefully some kind of reasonable communication is possible.

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