Science is a religion? How dare you :P

I’m neither particularly religious nor particularly atheist. But science is a religion and has random as their god. It is very useful at this point in history for many things – and statistics and averaging is very useful – however, it has its limitations. This is where I prefer a viewpoint of Engineering over Science. Avoid the randomness issue altogether and stick with what we can work with. Work around the stuff we don’t know yet. Statistics and averages can’t build a machine, but careful attention to detail, can. We can’t yet predict where the moon will be next month for certain; only an average. We have an awful long way to go in measurement and in our formulas. It’s far easier to predict things that are far away from us than it is to predict things that are close at hand. They’re fun and useful as approximations but they are nearly always wrong as we come up to whatever the event in question is.

What is NOT Random?

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