I’m listening to his thing

I’m listening to his thing – I’m agreeing with everything ‘ ’til he mentions that there’s a whole lot of ”nothing” with little specks of ”something” – with the discovery of the Higgs Boson (combined with the theories of dark matter and dark energy) there’s physical proof that there is definitely a ”something” inbetween everything that every ”thing” is attached to, rather than vast stretches of ”nothing”.

I’m not done with the video yet – he *may* be trying to provide ”proof of no God” – the friend of mine who sent it is an atheist – I’m not one – I’m ”inbetween” the God/no-God thing which drives many people nuts.

But I wanted to just add my own 2 cents in as I listen to this otherwise absolutely astonishing, amazing talk Douglas Adams gives. I love this guy xD His description of ”the ages of Sand” will have you mind=blown xD I’m gonna tell my friend this very same thing but since I shared this with you, I wanted you to hear my thoughts on it first xD

Man this guy is amazing.


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