I’m listening to a .. ahem.

I’m listening to a .. ahem.. *cassette* tape I made of electronic music from 2002… it’s got like a hundred or so tiny music ideas – I don’t even know what the heck that’s called… just bits and pieces… one after another… and, well, I kinda mostly stopped trying after that ’cause I realized – I can’t edit for shit.

I don’t edit what I do in music.

I don’t edit what I write.

But writing you can see all at once.

Music is transitory – your brain can only physically remember in about a 2 second stream… you can chain them together but it’s all 2 second chunks all linked together…


I wish I knew someone I could send musical stuff too and they could sit there and break them up into logical ”musical ideas” – chop it up, give each of them names and get it back to me.

But I have no idea who does that kind of thing.

FUnny thing is – I could easily do it for someone else if they asked me, I just could never do it for myself.

’cause my playing is usually either one thing, or it’s ”train of thought” – just one thing melting into another, sometimes abruptly

Who the heck is the person who takes that sort of stuff and breaks it up? Some kind of sound editor?

If I found someone (I’d pay) I’d start producing music again… maybe find someone capable of adding other parts to it (well drums specifically), it’s be pretty awesome. Not to make any money or be famous… just to satisfying getting this stuff ”out* and finished.

There. A weird private frustration of mine – shared.

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