I’m like a butterfly, jumping from one thing to another quickly, but giving each 100% of my attention.

No, not ignoring them in particular. I’m like a rabbit … or maybe a butterfly.. and I jump from one thing to another very quickly – from Facebook to Vine to G+ to something I’m researching, to doing business paperwork, to being an empathic listener to a story and maybe solving a problem or simply ‘being there’, to something else… and I fall _way_ behind on private messages on *all* services. So, I’m sorry about that. I got ppl waiting two years for me to get back to them. I see them in public forums and talk there, but I have a backlog of private msgs that I hit when I can.

So, it’s nothing personal. I give things 100% of my attention, like this message right now, and I default to public forums where the exposure is greatest [potential of benefit > through larger numbers of viewers]

Anyhow, I’ll respond today – I promise, since you brought it to my attention. [I won’t tell you what # the messages tab says on FB – it’s kinda embarrassing… I’m really bad about them]

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