I’m kind and pleasant but it’s my choice.

Anyway, I’m pleasant and avoid stress because I’ve always suffered from panic attacks. If something is stressful, I get out and do something else and quickly.

At 10, everybody wanted me to go to Julliard to be a pianist, simply because I was good at the piano. Took special lessons for a time. I realized, even back then, that I didn’t want a life of “perfect practice makes perfect” and playing the same crap over and over again just to please someone. So, I said, “No, Mom.” and thankfully, she agreed.

I turn down opportunities or situations that go against the “core me” and pursue my dreams and ambitions quite freely.

But when I socialize, I like pleasantry. I also don’t let people control me.

I allow them time to utilize my talent or skills at times. I am a good listener, understanding, and I’m good with words and calming stressful situations down. So, I make use of that talent.

The moment I feel “taken advantage of”, I scoot out of it or I make a loud noise, speak up and change it. I’ve stood up to teachers in school, bosses at work, family members, when I felt it was necessary.

I always speak out of turn. Never one to raise my hand to be called on.

There’s no dichotomy between nice and honest. Let’s change the word nice into “kind”. I’m kind and honest.

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