I’m just dumping it _all_ in and hoping it’ll self-organize somehow

It’s an ugly site btw. Not really ready for prime-time. But I wanted to literally “collect my thoughts” since I was about 11 yrs old and made a thing with a roll of calculator paper, a piece of wood, a pencil to roll it on and a pencil attached to it with a piece of string. That was my first “thought collector” and I’m 43 now.

So many efforts through the years but this one has been the easiest to maintain. I’m just dumping it _all_ in and hoping it’ll self-organize somehow tongue emoticon

Once I ran it through a dewey decimal classifier to see what the AI thought my thoughts should go in a standard library classification system.

I learned a lot from that, did a statistical analysis.. and figured out what my main focuses seem to be that *I didn’t know* about.

Epistemology. Time. There’s a quite a few others, that I have ranked according to various metrics.

I figure the better I know myself from as many angles as possible, the better I’ll understand humanity. Even if I don’t understand humanity, doesn’t matter. At least I’ll get _one guy_ figured out, ventually. Me smile emoticon That’s something smile emoticon


I believe its doable.
Here’s one of the most effective methods I figured out for myself:

Find out where your assumptions come from. Not just the obvious ones.

Look at psychological movements that were popular when you were young. Was the “be yourself” movement popular? [it was in my time] Who started it? What is their philosophy?

You start pricking beneath the surface of your own thought patterns and you start to see a HUGE HISTORY of archetypes behind you.

Unexpected archetypes. People you never even NOTICED before.

More and more you start seeing how you’re put together. A unique puzzle – never come before, never to come again. Unique. nothing like you anywhere. It’s just not possible for there to be another Jes Scott. Even if you had a clone you’d have different histories from that point forward.

It’s humbling and empowering at the same time.





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