I’m hoping to give credit where it’d due; I get credit for myself, they get credit for theirs.

+Phil Sierra Jones  My website is http://icopiedyou.com for that reason – I’m copying myself (copying my older self .. well, younger self) and giving myself credit where it’s due!

I want to give credit where it’s due… but trying to find out “What’s mine” and “What’s been copied from someone else” is really really hard.

In the end, I hope to have all ideas properly referenced: My ideas get my name, other people’s ideas get their names.

So we’re really on the same track here; I’m just… further behind :)

[I’m trying to pick out “What’s not me”, and giving it proper credit, until what’s left “is me”.  I might end up with nothing when it’s all done but I want it to be 100% accurate, at least if that’s possible]

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