I’m grateful you just don’t go “me too!” without thought

Yeah – you have an even greater stake as it were to be properly represented. I’m grateful you just don’t go “me too!” without thought ’cause that unfortunately is all too common when people take alliances over free thought and it seems that you prioritize free thought over alliance. I’m not suggested that James is following an alliance or party-line – he is also a free-thinker, which is one of the reasons I enjoy his posts and thoughts on things, as I do yours.

Thank you for your breakdown/takedown/smackdown of point-by-point. I did my best but you did far better; In a Grade-The-Teacher Survey, I give you an A.

Separation of opinion from presumable fact is not always an easy distinction to make and it takes continued practice. I credit you, James Ragsdale for continuing the efforts in various subjects and I am glad, James, that you put them up for public scrutiny as, selfishly, I always learn a little something in the process.

A single assumption can wipe out an entire argument no matter how strong the sense of certainty and the more we become aware of the distinctions between assumptions and presumed facts, the stronger all of our own arguments for [whatever future topic we may be interested in arguing] becomes.

[off soapbox. I didn’t have coffee yet, but I’m glad Seedy Johnson‘s response was the first thing I saw on the ‘net this morning. I like witnessing clear thinking, especially when mine is still cloudy. Such technicolor dreams floating around up there and I’m trying to shake them out, as entertaining as they are]

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