I’m grateful to the animals and trees and such. I have to be.

Oh I’m grateful to them as well.
The company I run for my brother – he does animal trapping. Raccoons getting in the house and such.

I’d remind customers: We’re in _their_ territory. They were here first.

We’re humane. We don’t kill unless we must. Rats must be killed because there’s no viable alternative. Such is how it is. But the rest? They live. We’re supposed to destroy them, by law.

But… there’s a loophole allowing the animals to be released with written permission of the property owner.

Since we own a small second piece of property, we have written permission of the property owner, BEING also the property owner, and the animals can live on.

So, yes, I’m aware

When we planned a spot to build our barn and we first got the property, we picked a spot that had only three saplings on it. They had to go. My brother in law wanted to chop down trees left and right. But my brother and I took the past of least damage to the environment. My brother and I have very little in common, but these are at least a few things.

So, it’s not just a philosophical concept – it’s daily.

I feel for the ants that must go. If it were just myself, I’d likely let them live. But we have 12 people living here, not all of whom share my philosophy. So… compromise is required.

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