I’m going to insert untrue facts to fill in gaps – my apologies in advance:

Thank you and you’re absolutely right. Well, let me use you as an example of academic-style analysis vs a more common way people tell stories: I’m going to insert untrue facts to fill in gaps – my apologies in advance:

“When I was in a class with Professor Senkin, he just prattled on and on about this “narrative story” stuff. I was like, “blah blah blah whatever” to my friend Haley, but SHE was wrapped up in the new “hot boy” in class, you know the one with the *hair*? Yeah, him.

Anyway, he made his point – no no Senkin, not *that* point… yeah, I know the *hair* – you’d think he uses super-glue to make that pointing tip! Yeah, he went all “Dawkins” on us.. you know, the guy that thinks pedophilia is ok but only in small doses ’cause… yeah, I know right – he looks like a creep but he’s pretty smart I guess.

Anyway, yeah instead of making going all monkeyman, Senkin said that the way we talk to each other is always changing, you know whatever the popular kids are saying vs the nerds and that changes how the kids in the younger classes talk and stuff… kinda like the Furries… yeah, you know they were a bunch of sickos back in the old days but now you got 10 yr old furries – yeah, like with the bronies – same thing happens but over CENTURIES. Yeah, I know right – hard to believe there was ANYTHING before Bieber!

Anyway, so there’s like these tribes of people – the Eggheads.. Yeah, they got their little tribes and they like to fight with each other over what’s the “best way” to pass down a story.

I know right – just *tell them the story*! Like they’d make ANYTHING simple. They all got their favorites they root for – yeah, boys and their sports, I know, hahaha

I mean look, you got the Narrative tribe then you got the Explanatory tribe then you got the Conditional tribe but like I don’t know the difference between a Met and a Yankee or a Republican from a Democrat… it’s all a bunch of blah blah blah blah to me… but he was saying that there’s this one tribe they all respect on their little Warfare Island and that’s the “Continuous Narrative with Narrator Response” and that’s the kind of stories people remember.

Yeah, well, whatever, I take notes ok – I got my nerd glasses (pushes nose with finger to imitate putting glasses on)

Yeah, but then after ALL THAT stuff, he’s like, “It doesn’t matter which one you use” and I was like WTF PROF! I could’ve been here at the mall with you instead of getting my hands all cramped up taking notes. Haha, yeah, I know, no, Now that she’s obsessed with “Point head boy” she’s not gonna get “cramps” for a while, not unless, you know they hahahah – yeah, no, she’s got a cross on her forehead but at least she’ll stop goldbricking like she usually does.

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