[“I’m going to do something that doesn’t exist yet!”] was my impetus for learning.

I like how you’re thinking it through.  [the boxes in boxes in boxes is literal; that’s what you’re presented with.  You are inside of a box, which represents the computer.  There are things you can do in the box.  You move things around anywhere you like.  You can hook things together.  There’s stuff in the boxes.   In the boxes there are other boxes.  You can connect boxes from different levels together and it would all be visual.   Even if you are 37 levels deep in nested boxes, you can teleport to a higher level and hook them – or create a transport mechanism for the stuff inside – together. [this would be akin to a shortcut on a desktop.  I’d basically be replacing files / folders metaphor with boxes in boxes, but it’s an ineractive system and not so darned flat]

And yes, what your’re talking about would definitely work.  The layers of security needed are interesting; they’d likely have to be implemented keystroke by keystroke.

Or.. perhaps it could solely be a hobby system to start with with no security features.  That might be easiest.  Many systems started with no security built-in and then stapled on later.
Others started with security-in-mind from the start – depends on your personality/interests/needs which way you’d want to go.

I never found much luck learning a language just to learn it though.  I have to want it to dosomething that I can’t do any other way.

Example is PHP.  I never sat down and learned it.  But I was running a website which had a nice package I wanted to modify that was written in PHP.

So, once I configured it the way I wanted, and found I wanted it to do more – then I had to dig into the code and understand its structure and processes.  I was allowed to be blind to it before, but I had to dig in and take it apart.

Then I learned.  As I added each new feature, I learned PHP, until I ended up with the system more-or-less what I wanted, which is one that ran itself and I didn’t have to monitor.  Made me nice money for a few years too – about 6 years ‘ til Google changed algorithms.  Boo. but I was exploiting the lack of local businesses online.  Google ended up using my data [which I was grabbing automagically week-by-week using scripts from a so called “Deep Web”  place where new businesses were posted and google was blind to.  [it’s still blind to it], and I’d just have it change a few words here and there so it looks different from the originals.  [my ‘fingerprint’, so I knew if it was taken by Google, and yeah, a lot of it was, but I didnt’t really care.  I was just curious to see where it would go].

I was disappointed the Semantic Web didn’t really take off, but a lot of good ideas full of sharing fall off once money gets involved.  Oh well :)   I just made money off of ads and provided a service for the local ppl without having to ask anybody for a penny.

I didn’t feel like repeating the process.  But anyway yeah, having goals and incentives [“I’m going to do something that doesn’t exist yet!”] was my impetus for learning.

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