I’m everybody, everybodys me, object permanence is a lie and that’s why we cry.

I see humanity as a bunch of variations of me throughout history and me a variation on everybody else.

Is there a self? Yeah. There’s a me here. In fact, there’s a lot of me’s here. Maybe they’re little mirrors bouncing around a bunch of photons that are cognizant; danged if I know.

But Buddha had some great ideas though. Once you’ve had a oneness type experience, you can go back anytime, even for a moment. I see religions and philosophies that lead to that point as sets of complex machinery that can get you there. Once you’ve had an experience, you don’t need the trappings around it unless it’s what you like for other reasons.

We’re told a lie when we’re young. Peekaboo. Object permanence.
Then, favorite toy thrown out, or somebody dies. We return to 5 month old babies and cry and are entirely back to that psychological point because that’s when we remember. Object permanence is a lie.

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