I’m entirely undependable to friends unless I’m supporting your creativity.

I’m more like the phony. I’m entirely undependable. I like friends at arms length for most of the time. If it’s *really* important, I’m there, but for day-to-day “I’m bored, let’s do something?” I don’t have patience for that kind of friendship.

I tend to wow people, then taper off quickly but retaining them as friends and supporting them in creative efforts.

If a friend wants my attention, they say, “hey Ken, guess what I did!?” then they’ve got my attention.

But “Hey Ken, I’m bored or sad” then I hide. If it’s devastatingly sad or occasional, I’m 100% there. But the little daily “I’M SAD CHEER ME UP BY SPENDING HOURS WITH ME” I just can’t. Makes me hypocritical I guess, but I’m ok with that.

I keep thousands of friends (online) but at a certain length. They’re real people so to me, they’re real friends. I’d be the same way if they were here in person too. “Go do your own thing, but show me if you’ve got something creative that you did”.

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