I’m emotionally expressive. I occasionally act to get a point across but then I let them in on the secret quickly.

I’ll occasionally put on an act when trying to get a point across. One thing I might do a little differently is I occasionally dip down and show, “Hey, look, I’m human here”.

I’ve been told that I’m “emotionally expressive” online, or at other time
s “refreshing”. While I’m not entirely sure what that means, I have _some_inkling. For me, the people connection comes first and my convincing comes secondarily. I don’t need someone to agree with me, I need El Che to be a friend, with whom it is nice to also have agreement. Since you are my friend, there’s already a host of agreements that come with it for free, even if our reasoning processes, hypothesis and conclusions may occasionally differ in their expressions. For me, that’s the stuff worth living for, for I could easily be alone, given some unwanted set of circumstances in life. But if I’m made some kind of connection, then in some sense, I am still connected in some way… if even a word or a sense has jiggled a piece of the mental machinery within someone else within them to consider me a friend. I’ve got a ‘spot’ and with that spot, comes influence whether I am there or not. Weird perspective, granted, but it’s the best explanation I can do at present.

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