I’m constructed as needs ask and affordances allow.

What if this is our last communication? My last words? I should make them count.

uncertainty over the emotional state state of another, earnest emotional transparency

I’m layers of glass: some reflective, some transparent, some occluded.

Within and surrounding are every example of how-to-be reflecting and bouncing through the layers, forming an ever changing but somewhat consistent “me”.

I’m not here.

Someone appears to be here and is typing right now. but will no longer be typing when you receive this message.

That who/which is typing right now will no longer be anywhere when you read this except in these words and the impressions you construct from it.

That who/which is typing is now in a different mental/physiological state, onto something else.

But that who/which is typing will try to return if a reply is received and ought to be responded to.

I’m constructed as needs ask and affordances allow.

Who am I when no one else is around?



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