I’m collecting my thoughts.

I’m collecting my thoughts.

Yes, those are literally my thoughts. On the index cards. And collecting my thoughts? I decided, for now, in little paper bags with dates on them. I will collect my thoughts by the day that I have them.

Since I am searching for something unknown, categories will just block off connections between seemingly unrelated ideas.

The other steps I will have to take, is to go through my browser history and put those in bags as well by date. Also, I will have to collect my thoughts By date that showed up on Facebook, Google plus, and in other places such as email, etc.

They will also go in these bags. Just not today. Today, index cards and bags.

Anything that happens inside of your head, can be made into outside reality in some fashion.

Anything that happens outside of your head, can be made into mental reality in some fashion.

The mismatch between what you see and hear and feel and experience in the outside world Versus what you see and hear and feel and experience in your inner world, is the cause of much if not all mental anguish in the world.

This is one thing that I believe to be 100% true.

But if I am wrong, ”please ”do tell me.


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