I’m careful about what new TV shows I acquire.

I’m careful about what new TV shows I acquire. I have a REALLY BAD HABIT of getting entirely hooked on a series.
In the late 90s, I was avoiding watching Stargate, because I had seen the movie in ’94 and liked it. I knew I’d get hooked. But finally I gave in.
I watched every episode, all the spinoffs, and HAD to watch it, kicking myself the whole time for not listening to myself. I don’t like being controlled by my interest in a show.
Somewhere along the line, I got hooked on the Science channel. Couldn’t get enough. Several years of Quantum this and that, listening to the same 12 old men (and Brian Cox) talking about the same types of things and loving every minute of it.
Ate it all up. Then, my skeptical machine kicked in again and I started poking around.
Anyway, I’ve gotten myself down to a point of: Doctor Who. Been watching it since I was 8 years old, suffered through a 15 year hiatus, and cheered when it came back.
But otherwise… I’m all Internet, with enough Real Life to pay the bills   Now that I think about it, my interest in doing online stuff STARTED around the same time as the cancellation of Doctor Who, during the waning of the Classic series in ’88 and cancellation in 1989.
Hm. Anyway. Yeah. Heck, I might as well talk about myself – who else can  
But I’m sure it’s a good show and I suspect I’d get hooked on it quickly.

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