I’m born and raised in the USA, a white male whose heritage goes back to the first European settlers

I’m born and raised in the USA, a white male whose heritage goes back to the first European settlers. I’ve checked my family background and I’m grateful that we gave a fair trade to the Native Americans and did not participate in communities which oppressed peoples. No Puritans in my background either. I’m glad for this.

Because of this, I feel an obligation to stand up for those mistreated by others who are in the same position as I do. Through no choice of my own, the systems in place in the USA are geared to be supportive of “someone like me” at every turn, in every which way. This is what white male privilege is and I’m aware of it.

The actions of this current administration are horrible to anybody that is “not like me”. It is an unmasking of the hidden bias that has existed in the USA from the beginning, one that you suffered through and many of my fellow Americans who are not white/male have suffered through.

I believe in the ideals of American as an immigration nation and I am disgusted by our current actions. They make *me* look bad because the administration is *supposed to* represent all Americans and when they support only a small subset of Americans, we are not fulfilling our purpose as a Nation.


If you are in America, you should feel safe. Wherever you come from, while you are here, you should feel safe. Because you do not feel safe here, America is doing something wrong. There will probably always be prejudice among “the people” but our government should not be supporting this prejudice and encouraging it. But they are.

I hope this does not lead to a disaster but I am keeping my eyes open. This is why I made this page here : I want to see what is happening as it is happening and let people know when I see something wrong and give people a space to express themselves.

I just started it a few days ago and I’m _really_ glad you are telling your story here. It is my honor and privilege.



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