I’m been working on the ide

I’m been working on the idea of reducing the ‘context’ between words to reveal the hidden connections – the way you play word-association games. bacon -> Sir Francis Bacon -> Hamburger -> Hot Dog etc. I believe everything can be – and is _only_, I believe, understood by Analogies. I won’t get sucked into someone else’s theory but then I see this, ”The holonomic brain theory maintains that the brain is continuously engaged in correlation processes. This is how we make associations (how the senses are integrated).”… I suppose if I had read about this 2 months ago when I started studying, it would have been garbeldegook. I knew there was ”something” I’d find as I went along… and I’m just happy to see I’m not alone anymore in these ideas. The main difference is – because I started at it from a different angle and purpose for getting here, I think my takeaway from it will be *much* different. I’m working on practical matters but enjoying the ride through ideas.

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