I'm as excited about this upcoming

^I'm as excited about this upcoming Superbowl as I was for the one four years ago when the Giants and Patriots last faced off in the big game. They're two great teams. I don't get "political" in sports but where I grew up, the Giants were our Home Team (we considered them "The New Jersey Giants" 'cause they played IN New Jersey – east rutherford, if I remember right). It's the only time of the year I watch football (the last 3/4 games) and I'm glad I been able to catch them. (otherwise, sorry to say, I don't have much interest in watching sports on TV – a little, but it's a little too soap opera-y for me most of the time – but I love a good HELMET CRASH like last night. Yikes! Ouch! I thought the guy was dead for sure. and yes, I watch NASCAR for the crashes, although I do know the major drivers' names)^

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