I’m an independent. Annoying and unpredictable

I’m an independent. Annoying and unpredictable. I’ve voted democrat. I’ve voted republican. I’ve voted independent. I keep my ears open ’til the end of the process and don’t decide ’til I close the curtain behind me, also knowing that the systems in place are very powerful and strong and if people are in power that I don’t care for, I just wait 4-8 years and it changes. Not much significant changes for me and any unpopular ideas from one pres get overturned by the next one, every time.

So, I’m not much of an idealist. But I vote. I think it’s important to do so.


It appears to be, but I keep my ideals close to my chest and don’t proclaim them aloud most of the time. I try to let my character speak for me rather than words.



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