I’m an excellent acquaintance but not a good friend.

I’m usually the receiver. I try to keep a ‘light touch’ on conversations. I generally keep them public. I’m one of the ones who doesn’t respond much anymore to private message on any network. I even stopped using Kik altogether and never txt anymore, although I used to a LOT. Protection of my time, as private conversations can be addicting – which isn’t a bad thing mind you.

I had a Google Hangouts addiction a few years ago.

I also find myself avoiding certain people, often for years, online and then every once in a while, let them know I care but can’t talk private.

I feel bad; some people REALLY WANT my company. But, I’m not bored. I want their company too, but in public. I haven’t even opened my Skype in almost a year now. Too many on it.

I’m not bragging mind you. I’m just not a very good friend. I’m an excellent acquaintance but not a good friend.

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