im always on the outskirts but that’s because i get sucked in fast :)

Indeed, and I’m *really* glad you stepped up to the podium, Dan!
Yours was the singular convention I went to; the Lunacon and I’m grateful for the experience. I did make it sound like it was all-or-nothing and that wasn’t fair. It’s li
ke eating; there’s grazers, devours, pickers, and all manner of participating in culture.

I didn’t provide a fair and balanced viewpoint.

The reason I always placed my feet where I have is because of my own personal tendencies; for me, personally, the pull is quite strong. When I get into a show, I get *really* into it. When I first saw the Stargate TV show (after having seen the movie in the theater a few years prior) I said to myself, “No… no no.. don’t do it” and I avoided watching it for a few years.

Then I let myself start watching it.

It wasn’t until the series was finished and I had seen every episode, participated in online forums, debated about critically important show issues, that I could put it aside and go, “Well that was an interesting ride”.

But while on it… I don’t get off the ride. For me, I’m always a small step away from full immersion. It’s my personality. I didn’t go to further conventions because I knew what for me, was the next steps I’d take and it’s not the direction I wanted for myself.

It’s not that the direction is inevitable for all, many, most or even some people. Just me.

Right now, I’d be living in India had I accepted a 5 year contract to help start a computer company there in ’93 with a workmate who was going back there. I wouldn’t be in Florida where I am now, doing what I do. It’s not that that would have been a bad life choice; it would have been a marvelous life choice and I’m sure I would’ve had a wonderful time and I’d be enjoying life in India right now. I know myself and how I am.

With every subculture or, indeed, every endevour, each person has their own “Stopping Point”. Heck, when an engineer has specs on what to build and begins planning, there’s stopping points of “what’s reasonable for the project”; there’s no point in calculating Pi to a million digits to create a round wheel made of rubber on a road. They have a stopping point that they consider reasonable depending on the project.

For fandom, I have mine. I wouldn’t want to tell anybody else where theirs should be. There’s different levels of engagement.

Sorry if I gave the implication of a subculture consisting solely of the outliers. I was just providing a defense for the PG-outliers as it were.

I enjoyed the heck out of Lunacon; I actually didn’t think of it as “going to a convention” and here’s why, as ridiculous as it may sound:

For me, “going to a convention” would mean wearing the furry suit, the spock ears, sitting at a panel, standing up on a podium giving a speech, filking in front of an audience.

That’s not everybody; that’s _me_. When I was looking into churches in my 20s during my religious phase, I didn’t just find one and sit in a pew. I taught myself Russian, looked into schools for becoming a priest, stayed at a monastery for a few weeks… even made it part of my retirement plan.

I had a data entry job in Excel. Didn’t know Excel. Dissatisfied, I dove full in and reinvented the entire way that reporting structure was done, teaching myself VBA and ended up getting me hired at a nice pay for a few years.

I’m like that with everything. Most people, thankfully, aren’t like me

So yeah… sorry for giving off a bad impression. Hope this helps you understand where I was coming from there.

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