I’m allowed very few implicit assumptions.

It’s good that you and S’s minds work similarly to each others. Mine doesn’t. I have to track down things to extreme precision on a regular basis and analyze every possible misinterpretation of a statement.

I can’t take things at face value. Impossible for me now. That part is broken and I have to analyze everything. I envy you and Seedy honestly. I always have to fill in context explicitly.

I’m allowed very few implicit assumptions.

Before I _speak_ I have to ask myself, “How can this get misinterpreted?”

Then I have to try to come up with a perfect set of words with no ambiguity.  No Philosophers here. It doesn’t make it wrong wrong or invalid; it’s not. But it’s incomplete. If it was obvious, how could I question it? Consider that. Your guys were trained alike that’s why you think alike, even if you went to different schools at different times.

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