I’m all for doing what you wa

I’m all for doing what you want; if it makes you happy, go for it.  But always remember: People will judge you by how you look.  Feigning ignorance and saying, “Oh I don’t know why people are so judgmental; it’s so unfair.”  Well, people are. That’s how it is.  Challenging them on it is fine if that’s what you want to do, but if you do something that says, “HEY EVERYBODY LOOK AT ME!?!?!?!?” and then say “WHY IS EVERYBODY LOOKING AT ME!?!?!” remember: You did dare them to look at you: If they judge you, it’s because you asked for their judgement.

This picture is also a reminder: when you do body mods, you will most likely live past 30… and 40.. and 50.  Most people do.  Some body mods are reversible (you can get the horns taken out of your head) and some aren’t (Ear gauging requiring some extreme plastic surgery and tattoo removal is far from perfect yet – there’s scarring).

It’s why I still haven’t gotten even a tattoo yet; I was the “test subject” for a friend who wanted to practice a tattoo with a needle on my ankle; I let him try and it worked; years later, he has become an accomplished tattoo artist and I’m proud to have been his first experiment…. but…

The reason why I haven’t gotten one yet?  I haven’t found something I wanted to die with yet.  I hope to get old someday; (not “be old” but I mean, you know – LIVE a long time) – and I want whatever I picked to be just as valid decades from now as it might be today.

So… food for thought.  He seems pleased with his choices and I say “more power to ya buddy… just… one thing; can I… can I pet your horns?  I just… wanna pet a horn….. and… can you go “baahhh?”  You know… like a goat?  Just once… please – then I’ll be happy.  Tnx”1924367_792041077507714_2696398974416019697_n


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