I’m abusive to computers and books but they never let me down.

I’ve always been abusive to my computers.  They never let me down though.  I like running programs or doing things that make it use all of its memory at once, whatever processors are there, and really struggle hard.  It forces me to make it ‘lean’ and have only what it needs so that it’s ready to take whatever punishment I give to it. I keep it very clean though.  Dust is enemy #1.

[I’m even rough on the keys.  I’m already on my 2nd keyboard on this laptop and it’s just over 2 years old].

But I also dog-ear books and freely used highligher and wrote in the pages of my textbooks in school.  Heck, I was there to learn.  I driven many people nuts.  If I get a paperback that I bought, first thing I do is crack the spine so it lays flat – and I always do it around someone who is very protective of books.  OMG HOW CAN YOU DO THAT!? and I just smirk and say nothing.

Wow, I’m evil sometimes :P

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