I’m a strong believer in “Start From Where You Are ™ -ku”

t I’m a strong believer in “Start From Where You Are ™ -ku”

There’s amateur bioinformatics https://www.reddit.com/…/question_are_there_other…/ – some very active communities. It’s a complicated field like you said; a lot of it way over my head in the specifics, but it’s definitely worth poking around and finding some interesting facet you could focus on and pursue.

You can learn what you can now without worrying about degrees and dive in on the amateur side and who knows? Being a novel field, you might find yourself desirable to an employer, regardless of degree. [if you prove yourself in an interview, it’s possible to bypass requirements, if you can skip past the firewall of “Human resources”]. Better still, you may “see something” that would make a viable business model and do it all yourself.


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