im a specialist about being a generalist.. or a generalist about specialization.. or.. something… obsessive either way :P

haven’t read.  But I’ve been told that it’s a series that I should and an author that I’d enjoy, especially when I was a teenager.  But I’d see the series of books all in a row in the library and go, “Nooooo.. i can barely handle a trilogy… ” which itself was a lie… I read the Hobbit and only 1/2 of Lord of the Rings, and just acquired my knowledge of the 2nd half of the 1st book, the 2nd book and the 3rd book through… listening.

Same with Harry Potter…

and with Hunger Games… I started up a Hunger Games map on my Minecraft server, saw what it looked like and listened to enthusiastic fans of the books make references until I understood it….  so I know the whole story enough for my liking yet never read a page.

sigh  I’m a generalist.

Mind you, at the time that I saw the long line of Xanath books… I think there were 6 or 7 of them.  Now I think there’s like 30 or 40.  I couldn’t consume them all. :P

Oh, I did finish Ender’s Game… but that was in a single sitting in the library books stacks ’til closing.  Desperately tried to get ‘into’ the others, but like the rest, I skipped around here and there.

Oh, same with The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe… Loved it… couldn’t do the series….

sigh I’m a sham.  Oh well, it’s “my way” I guess :)


12:35 PM

+William Mims Then again, there are a few things I’ve become a specialist in, but my Obsession Level goes to 11 when I do.  I become a total Snake eating its Tail when I do.  I scare myself when it’s all over… “Was that… ‘me’ that had to watch EVERY episode of Stargate SG-1? Become a Russian Orthodox monk for 3 weeks and read the entire Philokalia and scientifically analyze the psychological benefit of prayer schedules for optimum psychological health and learn Russian to plunge the depths of Christiandom?   [I could’ve gone Greek but I liked the “Russian soul”/dark sense of humor better]… or create an entire reporting system in Excel when I was just hired for data entry?

Yeah.. I lose myself when I become a specialist.   it’s not bragging.. its frightening – especially for the people around me… when I talk non-stop about whatever it is I’m obsessed with for a few years at the time.


12:40 PM

+William Mims O_O My obsession has been the middle-age “Who Am I, Really?” question… that explains the nature of the last year and a half.  … oh.. and the rest of my life prior to that.  Dang. Before > . 41/42 < After
Hm. The guy trying to see himself sees himself trying to see himself as reflected in other people, culture, society, history, science, biological, psychological, linguistically… lol.  Silly me.

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