I’m a child of the Internet

Although I haven’t had genetic kids nor kids that physically lived with me (outside of loads of nephews and nieces through the years), i’m a child of the Internet.

And, somehow, become a virtual dad, uncle, mentor in some capacity for many thousands of ppl of all ages on that same Internet that raised me.

It’s not the day to day things of a fathers existence, I imagine, but but I’ve been privileged and continue to – to be looked upon as a “trusted person” in many lives, although I am completely unreliable when it comes to any kind of live chat situation – it’s not really my thing – Neither is private chat – I do it but I prefer to keep things public unless someone is dealing with an extraordinarily personal issue – and even then, I try to resolve it as quickly as possible to get back to public. I’m not a professional “anything” xD

At 42 years of age, I have been older than a lot of the heavy users of the Internet for a long time. But I never judged anybody based upon their age – whether 8 or 80 if they were nice to me and talk to me, I treated them the same. I adjust my vocabulary somewhat, but I don’t believe in treating people as dumb, because – if you’ve come this far to a point where you’re able to communicate your thoughts – and I see it online, and you call me by name, i’m going to answer – no matter who you are. We Underestimate the level of intelligence required to get to that point. Having worked with kids and teens with disabilities doing occupational therapy for a year in my 20s, I learned it firsthand.

It’s easy for me – I don’t see anything special in my gene pool.

There are a lot of gaps that don’t get filled by parents and teachers. It doesn’t just “take a village to raise a child ” – it takes a village to simply feel like a human being at any age.

Nothing stopped me from having “my own children” – but I never had the pull of “you’re the only one for me ” – I did all kinds of dating but in the end, it’s not my way.

I’m a nerd, geek through and through – and completely unapologetic about my digital self. The “real world” something I tolerate – food, shelter, finances, parties, emotional dramas of family and friends – but the Internet has always been my home.

I wouldn’t consider myself a “role model “in that regard – but rather, a case study that shows the great potential that is possible with a positive attitude, and a kind heart.

I’ve had to be internally tough – misunderstandings are part of life – but it’s one of the reasons why I work so hard to break stereotypical thinking – I could easily fit several stereotypes – some positive, and some extraordinarily negative. But none of them are true – I am neither a hero nor a villain – I’m simply Kenneth Udut.

I wish I could help you specifically with your issue – but the best I can do, is present to you the solution that works for me. I wouldn’t expect it to be appropriate for anybody except for myself, hence “case study” not “role model” xD

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