>I’m a bit of a internet-anthropologist

>I’m a bit of a internet-anthropologist
never thought of using it as a line, although I could see where it could be useful.

Looking around at other ppl who use the phrase though are… well, conspiratards … but authenticity can be judged by the quality of the output. ‘s got quality output as I do as well. But looking here… I’m like, ugh, misappropriated terminology here…


well, i think studying meme culture is a specialized kind of internet anthropology… and 4chan is a very limited set to work with. [ppl who frequent it feel it’s “Where Everything Is Born” but really, it’s just an echo chamber that sometimes escapes the cages. A bunch of people saying, “We do important stuff here” doesn’t make it a bunch of people doing important stuff :P ]

I study more broad trends overall. Unfortunately it means that I can sometimes lump things together in “too broad” of a category (I’m more of a generalist than a specialist) and I wait until I’m corrected to see the nuances.

Like once I decided to study “The Internet Philosopher” as I saw a lot of things in common. I still do (as an overall personality type with tendencies, mannerisms etc), but now I’m more aware of subdivisions.


Last group I studied was the alt right. Never expected to hear the words in mainstream news though. It was sort of accidental really. I knew about them for years; the elements already in 4chan, the ancient storm front site, and even way back from Usenet days… a lot of them coming from Warhammer which showed up in 90s BBS’ a lot and mixed a bit in early modem right-wing hacker culture [I hung more around the left wing hacker culture].

But about two years ago, I started noticing them popping up in mainstream places more and more. Memes started getting politicized more and more… and then after Trump came on the scene and gave his first speech, this ‘thing’ just seemed to explode everywhere and I had to see what was gong on.

It was interesting for like 23 months but then a few weeks ago, I just got bored with them. Same old memes, same old discussions, same old viewpoints, and so I walked away from it.

Never expected them to become relevant though. That was an interesting development.


One influence I _completely_ missed was bodybuilder forums. I frequented them before they were politicized and when I found out the heavy influence they had on alt right and MRA stuff, I was kinda blown away. It made sense after some thought, but it’s still something I totally missed.


yeah, there’s a whole language I missed out on that’s been making its way into mainstream areas like FB. [never would’ve expected chan stuff to show up here, even though I watched the dank meme groups. Wasn’t until I looked into the political groups that I realized they were pouring in here].

Oh shit, my involvement in bodybuilding forums was back in like 2005/2006.


I missed gamergate completely too. Like you said about studying different areas, it’s true. I wasn’t following the gamer subculture *at all* at the time and totally missed it.


At the time of gamergate, I was looking into the up and coming “kid culture” online. My nephew was 6 and I was getting him a computer for xmas so I wanted to be ready for what he’d encounter.

So, I looked into bronies, minecraft (ended up running a server from 2012-2014), furries, youtube, ‘friendly meme’ stuff, etc, and became fluent in everything a GenZ might possibly encounter online.

I saw 4chan and XBox gaming as GenY stuff [and I kinda considered GenY sort of a lost generation ’cause helicopter parenting and their strange desire for authoritarianism]

So yeah, a lot of stuff slipped by at the time.



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