illusion.doc – 6-1-1990

ILLUSION.DOC  – June 1, 1990 Kenneth Udut (at 18 yrs old)

Time is an illusion.
That we exist or not,
and when,
means nothing.

Sanity is an illusion.
Levelheadedness, a cover
for chaotic existence.

Love, true love, is an illusion.
To know the feelings,
thoughts, emotions, mind
Never happened.

Thought is an illusion.
Never pure, always tainted.
Society, voice of God,

Reality is an illusion.
Spontaneously combustible
All.  Quantum Physics dictates
nothing is real.

What we’ve done, felt,
thought, experienced,
has been done before.

We are the broken record
of a reality now lost.

An illusion.

keu 6-1-1990

[original written on my Tandy 1000 TL 286 in Deskmate TEXT when I was 18 years old.  I had just graduated high school and was preparing for college.  It was a wonderful and strange summer and, as you can see, had its moments of “disillusionment”.  Now at 43 years old, almost exactly 25 years later, do I agree with this poem still?  Yes.  But I have redefined illusion, nothing, never and real since then.]

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