Illegals are a stable part of our local economy.

Not here. The rednecks and the uber rich folks are the drunk drivers. The illegals tend to drive about 5 miles under the speed limit. They usually drive the trucks carrying the tomatoes and stuff.

You don’t have to. I live in Golden Gate Estates. Rednecks, Hatians and mexican families who made it past a couple of generations.

To my East, is Immokalee – home of illegal immigrants and lots and lots of farms that give food to all the fast food places like Wendies + McDonalds.

To my West, is the City of Naples – millionaires and billionaires.

Illegals are a stable part of our local economy.


You don’t have to. Still the truth. Despite the fact that I live in a VERY VERY Republican area, with a Trump voting block among the redneck and rich folks alike, the illegals are here and not going anywhere. Robot farms aren’t coming here. If the illegals are tossed out, farms shut down and prices go up. That’s about it.


you may find this interesting: legal immigrants and natural born Americans of Mexican descent often DON’T identify as Mexican.

We had neighbors across the street. Yes, they came from Mexico. But they identify with their Indian roots.

They’ve traced their genealogy to the Indian tribes they came from and take pride in their roots. Mexico is just the place they happened to live for a while before coming here.


We have a strong Seminole Tribe presence here. They even have their own POLICE department that’s separate from the cities and counties.

My neighbors weren’t Seminole, but this air of “find your roots” among Mexicans and South American migrants is a big deal here, just like me finding my American / English / Irish / etc ancestry is for me.


I’m a white person. I’m pragmatic. They’re here, an integral part of the US economy for many generations now.

If you want tighter borders, then legalize them, pay them proper wages, expect prices to go up and then have your border fun.

But removal and closing off borders is stupid without a proper plan beyond, “I assure you this will work”.


You can enjoy your comic book future dreams for now ’til the excuses roll on. “I’m gonna give you that Wall, I assure you but [so-and-so in Congress/ Supreme Court / Department of [x,y,z]” is stopping me thanks to the media and it’s unfair.


I’m fine with a Lame Duck Trump presidency. It’s embarrassing but 4 years will come and go.


but Trump sold you hope and, well, tbh, that’s kinda nice. Everybody needs a little of that sometimes.



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