I’ll give an example: My grandmother.

 I’ll give an example: My grandmother.
She believed in ancient aliens. She was a science geek. She loved her TV and science fiction shows. She believed in a few theosophical things.
She shared a few interests with me but she was generally quiet and inward looking but was sad.
She’s been gone now for 20+ years; but I have seen her on the internet.
I know who she would be, where should would have found herself if the internet was available when she was a little girl.
She’d have been in one of the nerdy girl sci-fi fandom groups, likely writing fan fictions and have found other people who were equally her kind of way.
But as it was, she had her grandson and a couple of friends, but I doubt many beyond my mother and I knew of her interests but my mother didn’t really understand her, but I did.
I’d have liked her to have had at least the OPTION to find other people with shared interests but that was not available simply due to an accident of when she was born and the era she lived in.

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