If you’re gonna do something, figure out what it is and do it.

“The rich get rich and the poor get poorer”
Nothing new there Naveed.

Just a new catchphrase and some people wearing masks.

I guess I’ve been online for a long time. It’s old in age to me. I’ve been here since 1989 – that’s 26 years now.

I’ve seen lots of people do things online. Large groups form. I formed a lot of groups. And you know what, you’re right. They CAN become political and make change.

But paradigm shift? I dunno – maybe I’ve been living inside of the paradigm shift of the Internet itself for so long, I take it for granted.

In 1990, I ran a group for kids/teens rights. It got thousands and thousands of members. We just talked about stuff.

Some of them decided to split off and make their own causes after meeting up together on my group.

I have a few examples: One is the NYRA (National Youth Rights… something) and another is TCS – Taking Children Seriously – a movement by Sarah Fitzgerald and David Deusch (the computational physicist) – he was an active member of my group. They started a parenting movement that’s also still very active.

anyway, they split off my group, made their own groups, formed movements.

I guess it’s old-hat to me. I know that people do things when they meet together online. I started some stuff that went somewhere for other people.

So, I take it back. It’s just normal to me. I’ve seen laws change because I helped bring people together who were like-minded and went and did something in the ‘real world’.

But… there’s a MUCH HIGHER PERCENTAGE of people just talking about change.

I think that’s what I was referring to. If you’re gonna do something, figure out what it is and do it.


No, you’re right. It’s affecting more people now than it did before.

I mean, I saw big changes happen with just a few people. I’ve seen people influence LOTS of people. Now, there’s a whole GENERATION of people online that never knew a world without it.

So again, I was mistaken in being critical. I work very hard to make positive changes for individuals online: That’s why I’m here. *I’m* working towards a paradigm shift where people can see the world as it is, see what they can do, be ok with what they CAN’T do because there is _so much_ they can do from where they are.

So, really, we’re on the same page here. I think I “saw myself” when you were mentioning paradigm shift, and the mirror reflection was unexpected.



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