if you want to make change, do it. Or convince other ppl to do it for you. Or, maybe let it go.

Watchdog groups need to pop up everywhere. I don’t mind people watching, but WHO IS WATCHING THE WATCHERS?

So, people who are driven, like yourself and those you inspired, are the key.

I never had much of an expectation of privacy, although I like people to knock before entering my bedroom, or introduce themselves before coming into my home and what not. I believe in civility.

The trick is easy. Find the right judge. Get the right lawyer to pick the right jury. There’s plenty of judges. Plenty of lawyers. Not all courts side with corporate interests – there’s plenty that side with civil liberties and what not. Just gotta bring suit in the right state, right county, or have the right set of Supreme Court justices in power.

Sucky system? Yeah. But there’s always ways. You’re doing one of them right now: Raising awareness. It’s a good thing.


But if you want to take down corporate personification or force them to care? Naw. Can’t. Just get people mad enough to fight in ways they can. Maybe bend the right ears to make the changes happen that you want.


Mind you, I hate the whole court system and hope I never get entangled in it. I’m not a fan. Yet, it’s there if I believed in something strongly enough to push it to the level that corporate ears *have to* listen to.

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