If you want to make a frien

If you want to make a friend, go where people are. Fine someone who is sitting away from the crowds. The independent ones. They may be more difficult to talk to, a little rougher around the edges, little less polished and perfect. But once you break through, they will be your friend, and you will be theres. You can also find The Talker They are with the group, but looking away frequently from the main talkers because they wish to have the floor don’t know how to break in. The Talker will respond almost instantly and you will know their life story in just a few minutes. BUT if they look like they are desperately trying to break in to the group, constantly looking to The Leader and opening their mouth like a fish gasping for water, then you will not likely be successful – for those are not such more independent, but rather they themselves are seeking group approval, and forgot how to stand alone.

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