If you want to change thing

If you want to change things in a significant way, LOOK where everybody else is NOT LOOKING. Contrary investing, ”be yourself”, The Gap, look in the corners and in the holes: Here’s today’s heavy-headed example from me:

O_O #blurredlines in #physics: #Inertia. Inertia is the tendancy for an object to keep doing whatever its doing unless an outside force acts on it. Think: gamers – they’ll keep playing unless an outside force that’s more powerful acts on it. (parents/wife/husband/kids say ”ENOUGH WITH THE GAME!”) – or having to pay bills. #force Well… I just learned this: Modern physicists use it that it means a ”basic law” – to say ”Well, that’s just how things are”. The way matter works. BUT that’s not how Newton originally intended it: He saw it as an internal *force*, inside of everything. Modern physicists see it as both an internal force *and* the EXTERNAL results of the force – one and the same. Blurred line. But – what happens INSIDE of something and what it DOES, while they may look the same, *are* different. The gamers don’t stop playing because of some basic principle of matter. They don’t stop playing because they’re busy DOING SOMETHING that won’t stop unless an outside force acts on them.

”Just accept it”. Hah.

Not something I’d expect from science. Shame shame.

Newton was right 350 years ago and we’re totally not looking at it because it’s confusing and too hard.

Wikipedia, ” As no alternate mechanism has been readily accepted, and it is now generally accepted that there may not be one which we can know, the term ”inertia” has come to mean simply the phenomenon itself, rather than any inherent mechanism. ”

I’m gonna look down this rabbit hole and see what’s hiding down there. Might be a treasure in there. *somebody* else must be looking down the hole too. I just have to find. <3 the Internet. It's all here. Just gotta look. And think for yourself.

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