if you want it you can get it – such is how it always has been for good and bad

If you want it, you can get it. What you’re talking about is more a #childhoodruined moment than anything. The world is/has been/always will be a dark and disturbing place if you look in the nooks + crannies.

I try to avoid those areas because I don’t need poorly made pills with questionable value over the ‘net, or a catalog, or from a guy-down-the-street-with-a-van.

Yet, someone may feel the need.

The best we can do, imho, is keep the facade going so that _most_ people don’t have to worry about the actions of seedy and desperate individuals. I don’t think humanity has changed.

Romeo + Juliet had their Apothecary.

Constantiple in Byzantium had… EVERYTHING.

Ancient Rome had an amazing trade route and they were trading more than just furs. Hemlock anyone?

I also believe that Oxy shouldn’t be prescribe to 11 yr olds or to anyone generally speaking. Opiates are a horrible thing, no matter what sticker is on the bottle. They’re just TOO POWERFUL for human use, except perhaps as end-of-life pain-easer. Then again… if someone is suicidal and it offers a chance to extend their lives, perhaps it’s a tradeoff. These are hard questions.

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