If you had to do one thing nonstop for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Be surrounded by creative people doing their own thing that occasionally show me what they made and are proud of.

and.. now that I think about, what I could *really* do for the rest of my life?

Make connections nobody else made before (or not in a long time, like the baby/brain/yin-yang connection), sharing it with people, and having them go, “Woah! You just blew my mind!”.

Yeah, I could do that daily ’til I drop ’cause really, that’s what I try to do every day

I *would* say “compose/perform music” but I haven’t found the right instrument yet to “get it out of my head” yet. Waiting for technology + the UIs to catch up. I’d make it myself, but my soldering skills are crap (cold solder) so I don’t bother… but I figure, I had dreams of something like the internet and iPhones when I was a kid, and they’re HERE – now… and anything I ever came up with, somebody ELSE invented… so – I just have to wait and hope it happens in my lifetime

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