if you find yourself hanging out somewhere a lot, then use it. :)

I’ve never seen such a comprehensive analysis of the social networking scene from your perspective before +Isaias yoyo – and I enjoyed reading it.  thanks for that! [it was for Alex but I enjoyed it]

And +Alex Green yeah – if you find yourself hanging out somewhere a lot, then use it. :)

I’m on all of them except Ello.

Tumblr is kinda cliquey but it’s good if fall into one of the cliques.

G+ is all purpose – like Isaias, I use it for posting mostly, although I usually read the first page or two and make a few responses.  But a lot of ppl I care about are here on G+ so it’s an important place to me, even if I’m always behind on posts.

I’ve had twitter forever, but don’t use it much; it’s a dumping ground for my Vines and I check it sometimes.  I found it has the potential to be really addictive, which is why I tend to stay away from it :P  [I went through a Kik obsession a year or two ago and every time I get on Twitter, I have to remind myself, “don’t let it hook you like Kik did.. or Vine does]…

Instagram is tricky; the community there is kinda picky and kinda Facebook-ish in that people get bitchy if you start flooding it.  I found it to be a little judgemental but if you get yourself a good crew of people there, you can have a solid, dedicated following.

Of course, you both know Vine is the medium I fell in love with (2 yrs now), before that it was a G+ obsession, and I do most of my engaging with people there.

But it all depends on what you’re looking for from people.

Popularity is easy: If I wanted to be popular, I’d just repeat the same things over and over again that people expect from me.

I get followers by being nice to people who want to be seen but don’t know how, so I boost confidence by encouraging a “you can do it!” attitude.  People like that – heck, I like getting it :)

I’ve never found a single social network able to serve everything I needed, so I jump around a lot.

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