If you could expect for eve

If you could expect for every possibility and potentiality, then you would never be frustrated because you would always have a plan for everything that could possibly happen.

Many systems have this as their basic assumption and, in fact, if people act in a stereotypical fashion – if they behave in typical ways that people typically do – then you can, in fact, SEEM to have a perfect plan that works all of the time. I have an example that I learned about after I wrote this:

USAF Colonel John Boyd in the 1970s came up with a brilliant method for fighter pilots to make quick decisions; it’s called the OODA Loop. It’s very simple and when you study it for a moment it makes perfect sense.

And it works – it’s a great double-loop learning structure – you observe, you Observe, Orient, Decide, Act.

It actually models how we think VERY VERY well. In fact, i thought I found the ”It” I was looking for when I saw it.

It’s very close.

BUT… its been used as THE model for the US military since the 1970s and again it works fantastic in many situations.

However, (god I hate war stuff) – when analyzing the failures in Iraq, when they traced EVERYTHING BACK.. it all came from a bad assumption, based on Western thinking (that unemployment was the ultimate cause), was TRAPPED in this OODA loop – which really, was never designed for such broad usage – just for keeping fighter pilots agile.

So, in short, the military planned for EVERYTHING and had everything buttoned down, all figured out, neatly in a bow, using this system that works really well much of the time.

But it doesn’t work all of the time.

If you COULD plan for everything, everything would go as planned.

But there’s always an EVERYTHING beyond the everything that you planned for.

And that is the cause of Murphy’s law.

And why things are never perfect.

Engineers ”plan for failure” so they get as close as they can to this way of thinking. Wedding Planners really try to plan for all contingencies but something always comes up.

Of course, if they DIDN’T do the extensive planning that they did, then they would fail more often.

So amazing kudos for those who reach for perfection, both in their planning and their planning for responses to failure.

And as long as they keep LISTENING and watching and always being willing to SCRAP their original plan in case the INITIAL ASSUMPTION fails… you can always find success.

Just odn’t scrap your original idea until it needs to be. And don’t hang onto your original plan for too long. Know when to hold them… know when to fold them… know when to walk away… know when to run…

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