If you compare yourself “you at 15″, you’re damn old for 15

Never goes away. I’m 43. 1/2 way mark. Here’s a pro-tip: Notice what age you compare yourself against. If you compare yourself “you at 15″, you’re damn old for 15. Compare yourself to 25, and you’re a young 25. It helps.

the answer for that for me has been pinning the fullness into the nowness. Now is about 6 seconds long or so. I have a service oriented personality – I like to be helpful. I get fulfillment in that. So, when I’m talking to someone I ask if I’m choosing the most effective words to convey to them that I understand, they’re ok, and they’re strong enough to handle whatever life throws at them.


You are. Yet, you’re also more than that. It’s ok to play a role that isn’t you because the real you isn’t touched by the role.Some people believe your life is a story and you can change the words, change your character in order to be yourself. And that works.. to a point. But then you’re also more than the roles you perform. You perform roles for others. You perform roles to yourself. Yet then there’s the you without the role. It’s there.

Yeah definitely. I don’t often mention God because that word sets off triggers in many people. My definition for God might not be theirs, and usually isn’t. I don’t even use the word to myself much and find other ways to say it. But yes, definitely.
I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for everything that came before and I wasn’t in control of any of the circumstances that led to my birth, and the fact that I’M STILL HERE is amazing. I could name 1000 reasons why I shouldn’t exist. But I do. That part makes look around and go, HOLY SHIT, I’M HERE. a lot.

 nice. I like that. If you feel the warmth of the inner hearth, the Hestia within you, you’re never alone and you have a center.


But yeah – the river. You’re of it and in it, but not it yet it’s also you. I could koan all day because this stuff makes sense to me.

It is; and there’s many roads. I feel bad for people in mystical-poor sytems because they really miss out of the good stuff.

Oh socially yes. But on a personal introspective level, it’s all yours.

Oh yeah. heard about them. we had them int he 80s… the 90s, 00s, 10s… I don’t care for systems that mentally abuse people psychologically… that includes the education system as it stands btw as one of the worst offenders… so I help when I can.


Means everything’s absurd. My mother loves an expression, “Man makes plans and God laughs”. Also, there’s the Platypus.

I know the experience well. Are they jokes? Probably most likely yes they are. Start laughing at the absurdity of it. Imagine the look on your own face when you discover the irony and laugh like an outsider might but without feeling offended and instead laughing along.

I have no idea of that will make sense smile emoticon

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