If you can feel that someone else ‘gets you’.. and is willing to put up with your crap – it’s worth the world.

it just means for a BRIEF moment you considered it and then quickly rejected it, probably less than 1/4 second later.

The fact that it even crossed your mind as the REMOTEST possibility would be my “foot in the door”. That’s
why I don’t do it. I know too much unfortunately and its manipulative.

There’s a lot of ways you can get life-fulfillment without requiring a partner. But I think one thing that’s hard to live without is not having someone else UNDERSTAND you… at least a part of you.

If you can feel that someone else ‘gets you’.. and is willing to put up with your crap – it’s worth the world.

It’s ok; being lonely sucks. I get around it by amassing thousands of friends online. Real life is meh mostly – I own a house full of women, mother, inlaws, brother, nephew, nieces… and it’s insanity. 12 people in one house.

So, I do the “cave thing” in a way and sit on the back screen porch and do what I’m doing right now: Make friends online, talk to them, get someone to “see with my eyes for a moment.

For me, it’s lots of little bits of fulfillment that I doubt I could get from a single person. Maybe I could. But I’m also weird. I’d never want to be a role model.

Babies who aren’t held after they’re born, eventually die. So it seems that humans require a form of social contact to even be alive.

If they don’t have social contact, they talk to themselves – a society of one based on the people they knew from the past or imagine.

So yeah, a bond is critical for life. We’re doing it now; why else are we on facebook having this discussion? I guess when you have a single partner-for-life, it’s a richer bond I suppose than just a few words tossed back and forth.

I just didn’t like the intensity of it. The whole “swept off my feet” thing was a bit much and I lost my head a few times and afterwards, sat there shaking my head saying, “WHAT HAPPENED!?”

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