If you can control the sound waves, you are a musician.

You don’t understand how POWERFUL that level of control *is* though.

To be able to engineer and tap directly into “that which can move” MILLIONS – and I mean -MILLIONS of people – a certain way, is absolutely an _intoxicating_ concept.

I’m entirely biased. In 1984, when I was 12 years old, I got a cartridge for my Tandy Color Computer 2. (I’m in love with my Coco – yeah – it was called the Coco 30 yrs before the song).

Anyway – this cartridge, the Orchestra 90CC, had 5 voices, and _complete control of the sound waves_ through a special programming language.

Every nuance of it, you could control. EVERYTHING. You had to;


[apologies for it not being in stereo; the ORIGINAL was in stereo, but I only recorded the RIGHT channel. I had separately programmed the LEFT channel, but that’s trapped on a digital audio tape that can’t be played or decoded by any current technology that I have available right now; so you’re just hearing the ‘right’ side. But basically, it bounced side-to-side, creating a binaural effect)

Anyway, 12 yr old me? If I had the ability to digitally record sounds without having to create them, yet I had the same level of control, I wouldn’t have complained about “oh things used to better”.

I’d be using the state of the art to create the music with, just as I did then.

You may complain about the thinness of pop culture – and of course, that’s true. When hasn’t it been?

But there _are_ sound engineers and musicians, there is _somebody_ who says, “THAT is music!”

Even if it’s a sleezy guy in a tweed jacket, that looks like a frog, with a big fat cigar in his mouth, gold chains around his neck, 4’7″ tall walking with elevator shoes and with 4 beautiful women around him at all times.

He’s still a composer. A musician. So are the engineers who create it, the singers who sing it, the mixers who mix it. They’re all musicians who control sound waves as best they can to achieve whatever result they like.

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