If you believe something is true, then it’s true. It should be enough.

If you believe something is true, then it’s true. It should be enough.

You’d only want to convince other people that something is true because:

a) You don’t believe it yourself
b) You have a desire for the world to experience this wonderful thing you experience
c) You have the desire to rid the world of ignorance.

Of course on point c) If you want to rid the world of ignorance…. why?

Betterment of the future?
Justification that you’re right? (validation)

I dunno.

And even on betterment of the future: Do you believe there is a Utopia on Earth is possible?

Well, that’s the problem with many ideologies.

We’ve never had one before. It’s illogical to believe we’d ever have a Utopia.  Of course it’s possible – and I’m all for people trying, reasonably.

[unfortunately, I see the Utopian ideals with a LOT of groups of idealists – just rid the world of x, y, and z, and we’ll all live in peace and harmony… etc etc]

[oh, and why am I bothering to write this?  Easy.  Validation. When someone agrees with me, it makes me feel as if I know what I’m talking about, and that feels good.  When someone argues with me, it feels good because I said something worth arguing about.  And.. when people say nothing, it’s because they silently agree or don’t care or are being too polite to disagree.  All good]

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