If you are secure in your beliefs, who you fight changes.

When you are secure in your beliefs, your opposition changes.
No longer do you need to prove “I’m Right, You’re Wrong”; it no longer matters.
What matters instead, is helping others become *secure in their OWN beliefs* – _whether or not they agree with your own_.  You begin to value *self-confidence through full awareness* .

This has allowed me, on many occasions to “play the idiot”; I will happily be the fool; play Devil’s Advocate; Be the “asshole” in a conversation that says, “But what about *this* option?”

By providing _balance_, so no position goes unmentioned, it allows the undecided to decide with *full knowledge* NOT ONLY of what they’ve CHOSEN, but the PATH THEY DIDN’T TAKE.

If you’re secure, you can be anything you want to be, without it affecting who you really are inside.

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