If this was a class assignment, I would fail.

If this was a class assignment, I would fail.
I don’t… I don’t really think of Presidents as having a _whole_ lot of power in and of themselves. I mean they’re a collection-point — a figure to represent the mood of a portion of the country at any given time in history…
and they do have powers being executive of course. They make decisions and stuff… but…
I think the bulk of the federal level work is done semi-anonymously via Congress and the Supreme Court and the various agencies created by Congress and Executive office to get things done at a federal level…
…with the rest of the work – indeed, likely more than Federal – is done at the individual State levels within their own Governorships and however their constitutions are laid out for their states….
…but even with that, their powers are usually limited compared to the local levels, which get the bulk of day-to-day work done.
In some parts of the country, Counties are very powerful – sometimes informal regional levels above Counties are too… in other parts the Counties are less powerful than cities.
But I’d say the City levels probably hold the most power insofar as the health and operations of a country… normally anyway.
But in the USA.. all of those wonderful political boundaries are smashed to bits by American Corporations.
They hold the most power in the USA and are the most anonymous of all.
They’re multi-generational entities that have influence at every jurisdictional level in the USA while lacking the kind of accountability we expect to hold a President or Governor, Congressman or Mayor to.
Sure, you can “sue” or “buy elsewhere” but realistically, no, we can’t. Most of our choices are limited to the few corporate entities we have to choose from. We DON’T usually “vote with our dollars” – we pretend to and cheer when we see a stock price rise or fall or see someone fired we don’t like as if that means a thing.
Anyway… so a favorite President is really hard for me. It’s a temp job.
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