If the imperfect DRM creates a perfect DRM is the perfect creation Real or the imperfect Creator?

The first one is Real, for it created Perfection from an Imperfect Source.
Could the Perfected DRM create the Imperfect Source?

A gap had to be bridged by the original DRM.

I would need to know of the perfected DRM had the capability to create an imperfect DRM (in other words, ALSO be able to cross the bridge of perfection/imperfection) in return in order to consider it Real.

It differs from a commercial product because of the lack of self-impetus. A product is produced by an outside agent. This third-party perspective makes all the difference in this case and makes it less relevant to the original question.

This ability to created an imperfect DRM by the perfect DRM may require the perfect DRM to view the imperfect DRM as the perfect form that must be created.

It is the only way I can think of to be certain.

If the perfect could consider the imperfect perfect, then I could consider them equally real.


  • DPM _could_ create DPMR again at any time, if, let’s say the equipment and templates creating him was destroyed or unavailable.

    But DPMR could not create DPM because while the template for DMPR exists within DPM’s mind, there would be no reason for DPMR to have DPM’s flawed template within as the whole purpose was to eliminate them entirely, wasn’t it?

    The knowledge would not be within DPMR at all.
  • Kenneth Udut A creation that cannot create the creator would be a flawed copy of the original, for the creator can always create another creation, but the creation would only be able to create clones or improvements of itself, but would lack access to the source data to the Creator because the Creator eliminated them in the process of creating Perfection.

    That’s my take on it at the moment though. It’s subject to change and I welcome corrections.



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