If so, I might hesitate to say JPEG.

Giraffe, Giant, Gentleman, Gin, Gel, Gym, Ginger, General..
Meh. People have been debating this one from Day One. We laughed at 90s news reporters saying ‘gif’ but language changes. But if the (juh)G moves to (guh)G, will there be a corresponding J->G flip?

If so, I might hesitate to say JPEG.


It’s an ancient debate. The creator of GIF says it was JIF. Some people gave 1000 reasons why the author was wrong and says GIF. Other people said, “If the author says it’s JIF, then we’ll say JIF”

I’ll say whatever ’cause it doesn’t matter to me which way people say it.

PS: Minecraft *is* superior to Roblox in most ways. However, Roblox is more sexually deviant than Minecraft. Watch Albertsstuff sometime. It gets NASTY in some places.


Just watch the first minute. My nephew (11) was repeating a line he says there and I was rolling laughing ’cause he’s at ‘that age’ where the sex jokes really start.

But parents are getting up-in-arms about Roblox and starting to ban their kids from playing it.

That happened a *little* with Minecraft but not to the level you see with Roblox.

So, in the “pissing parents off successfully” dept, Roblox wins.


I ran a MC server for a few years. Shit went down among the kids but as long as nobody was getting bullied or stalked, I let them be. [anything too ‘off’ and one of my admins would give them a talking to. It was a mostly self-regulating society].

But Roblox’s starting to get the “bad4urkids” treatment. They JUST did a major graphics update – AND allow 12 joint movement (or 15?). They look more sophisticated now.

And with new movements, comes new positions.

Anyway, the up-in-arms is ’cause Roblox mobile has a chat feature and pervs proposition kids constantly on there, like any other multiplayer game/chat thing. I think it’s the parents that are shocked more than the kids who just go “eww” and block them.


Kids are generally left to roam online (it seems anyway), plus who listens to the “don’t talk to strangers” bit when they’re a kid? [especially with socializing online is all ABOUT talking-to-strangers?]

I’ve been observing Late GenY + GenZ’s pouring into the online world for a few years. Here’s what I’ve noticed:

a) if parents are involved at all, there’s no way to tell. They just do ‘whatever’.
b) They’re mostly self-regulating. For as many asshole kids, there’s just as many nice kids and they usually work things out.
c) XBox is an exception
d) Youtube is an exception
e) Older teens are far more of a problem with this stuff than any fully grown adult would be. [more time on their hands, closer in age so not sticking out as much ,etc]

When there’s problems, so long as the kid keeps their online social support group around, they give advice to each other and help each other out.


Yeah. Your generation didn’t have high enough numbers to group together.

I’ll give one example: cutting.

Cutting in the 80s was limited to a teenager alone. Sometimes they’d screw up. There were always those for whom it was attention getting but like now, some people just have a problem. [kinda like parrots who pull their feathers out – that’s how i see it].

In the 90s, not so different.

But something started changing in the mid-00s and early 10s: Cutting support groups online. They’d help each other out, give tips and stuff.

That’s something you’d never see before. There weren’t enough numbers online.

Of course there was the backlash. The attention-getters got the press and the mockery. But even with that, the support groups that had already formed were strong enough that online harrasment just isn’t what it was in the 90s and 00s. They had someone to go other than getting caught up in someone’s bullying web.

Heck, bullies now are a strong social force online themselves.

So, it’s harder to be a loner online. Good thing.


Sad thing is: if you can’t trust media (photo/audio/video), can’t trust people at their word, can’t trust science (measurements).. then what you’re left with is whatever you feel [or can be convinced of].

So, when they say we’re in the age of “post-truth”, it seems to be true.



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